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TechT Hair Pin Trigger Kit [A5, 98 Series, X7, Alpha, Carver, Salvo]
Hair Pin Trigger Kit [A5, 98 Series, X7, Alpha, Carver, Salvo]
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The Hair Pin Trigger Kit is designed to make any electronic, manual, or responsed Tippmann trigger faster and more sensitive than ever before.
Tippmann A5, 98 or X7 Hair Pin Trigger Kit - Same kit fits all three markers The kit comes complete with 5 different pin sizes which will allow you to fine tune your trigger and sear positions for maximum performance.

Overall, the pins make any trigger shorter and easier to pull. This makes for less time between shots, shorter dwells, and longer battery life if you have an E-grip.The pins are designed to be wider than the stock pins. The Hairpin Kit's wider pins remove slop and excess travel from the stock trigger configuration and create a short and crisp trigger pull.

Warranty | Returns:

Warranties for all electronic boards are handled through the manufacturer.
Electronic boards are not eligible for return, exchange, refund or store credit for any reason at any time.

Warranties for all electronic boards are handled through the manufacturer.
Electronic boards are not eligible for return, exchange, refund or store credit for any reason at any time.

Please see our standard Website Warranty and Returns Information (Link will open in a new window.)

  • In efforts to set this up correctly there is a certain order you must do these modifications. To REALLY fine tune the setup, it may require that you change out the pins a few times…..but with patience….you'll find the perfect set-up.
  • Remove gas and paint from your marker.
  • Remove the pins that hold the trigger frame to the marker.
  • Remove the safety so that you can pull out the trigger mechanism.
  • Pull out the trigger mechanism
  • Pull off the left hand side plate so that your trigger mechanism looks like the image above.
  • Remove your "Bottom Sear Stop Pin" and replace it with one from the kit. Now at this point you have options. You can either put the largest one in or the smallest. Its up to you. I like to start at the biggest. Most guns can handle it….but it will put more stress on your sear. Meaning…it could wear out your sear and hammer sooner …..perhaps not though.
  • Put everything back together and test fire the marker. Now I know that we only put one pin in at this point, but that's because we want to fine tune the sear and hammer contact before we start limiting the trigger movement.
  • Plug up your barrel for safety and noise reduction, air up the marker with NO PAINT, and try to fire. Keep in mind that your marker could go full auto here….so be ready to grab your cocking handle to stop the marker if that happens.
  • If you marker goes full auto, pull it back apart and use the next size down and retest. If it shoots normally, you could potentially go up a size if there is one.
  • If the marker shot fine and you are happy with your sear pin selection, now we can try to limit the trigger travel. If your trigger does not have set screws then you will probably want to replace the pin with one from this kit.
  • To do this, remove your air and paint from the barrel and marker. Pull out your trigger mechanism again. Remove the stock trigger stop pin, and replace it with the smallest pin in the kit. Again…you could start bigger than that….but I have found that the # 0 works on most all guns, and the # 1 works on some guns here. I couldn't get the # 2 to work on my markers, but yours could be different. Basically, if you replace the pin and the gun fires, you could potentially go up a size, if it won't fire….you need to go down a size here. Its really trial and error to see what works best with your marker. With all little time and patience …you'll have a sweet trigger pull.
  • If you are using a egrip, you might be able to reduce your dwell by some number. Again …trial and error here. Each gun is different. To fine tune your dwell just go out and play with your normal dwell setting. Then after each game you play with no sear release issues, lower your dwell by one adjustment. Go play another game. If you marker continued to fire normally, after the game adjust it down one more adjustment. Continue to do this until the marker has trouble shooting because the dwell is so low. If the dwell is too low the when you pull the trigger the gun will not fire. This is because the solenoid is not being activated for a long enough amount of time….so up your dwell by one or two.

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